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For your FREE Personal Telephone Consultation with Dr. Giunta, please call 855-868-5566 between 1:00 PM and 3:45 PM, EST.


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Why Penis Enlargement Isn’t a Vanity Surgery.

We’ve all seen (or gotten) the sly looks, heard the giggles from behind cupped hands & the gotten the “good natured” but none-the-less embarrassing harassment from the guys in the locker room when someone has been deemed to be “short changed”.

Realistically, a small penis is as much of a disability as being severely overweight. It affects your confidence levels; job performance & sexual life and relationships. When these three components are negatively affected due to a small penis, it can feel like it is literally ruining your life.

Phalloplasty (or penis enlargment surgery) is often the best approach to correcting what could be a life long struggle. Whether you have a very small, recessed/buried penis, a micropenis or you’re just generally not satisfied with either the length or thickness of your penis, phalloplasty surgery can help improve your quality of life, self image and self confidence. To learn more about what phalloplasty procedure is best for you call Dr. Stephen X. Giunta at 1.703.845.7400 for a free, no obligation telephone consultation.

  • Penile Enlargement (Widening)

    Penile Enlargement (Widening)

    Penis enlargement surgery is the act of surgically altering the length or width of your penis. It is often seen as a cosmetic surgery procedure for men however there are many legitimate medical and emotional reasons that go beyond ego and wishing.

  • Penile Widening (Girth)

    Penile Widening (Girth)

    We are pleased to announce that we have been extracting adult fat stem cells from our patients’ fat and adding them to the Free Fat Transfer for well over a year and have observed a marked improvement in the amount of take of the Free Fat …

  • Penile Lengthening - MISL™ Procedure

    Penile Lengthening – MISL™ Procedure

    The MISL™ Procedure is a minimally invasive surgery, accomplished with the use of LASER ©. In this procedure, no actual length is created; rather, the internal portion of the penis is “advanced” or “externalized”, exposing greater length.

  • Testicular Implant(s) (Male Testicles)

    Testicular Implant(s) (Male Testicles)

    Your knee jerk reaction of “are you kidding me?” just answered the question. The male testicle is psychologically just as important to a man as a woman’s breast is to her. There are many reasons why a male may need to have a testicle implant.

  • “Helping Hand” Stretching Device

    “Helping Hand” Stretching Device

    Proper use of the Helping Hand extender after MISL ™ Lengthening surgery is essential to the successful completion of the procedure to your satisfaction. Using the extender helps to maintain the penis in the proper position allowing the fat …


Meet Our Doctor and Anesthetist

  • Dr. Stephen Giunta

    Dr. Stephen Giunta MD

    Specializing for 21 years in male genital (penis) enlargement and related procedures. Dr Giunta has performed over 20,000 procedures in his 30+ year career and pioneered many breakthrough advancements in male genital enhancement procedures.

  • Carol A. Burgess

    Carol A. Burgess CRNA

    An anesthetist for over 40 years, with extensive experience in the delivery of anesthesia in hospitals and office based surgery centers.

What our patients say

Here are unsolicited, but heartfelt reviews from real patients who had phalloplasty surgery with Dr. Stephen X. Giunta

  • Greetings Good Dr. Giunta! First, I’d like to thank you again for your absolutely wonderful treatments, skills and procedures. My girlfriend has particularly enjoyed the girth enhancement, and as they say, if she’s happy, well, we’re both happy :) Doctor, we’re so pleased. Thank you!

    W.B., Girth Enhancement Surgery

  • Hello Dr. Giunta, I just wanted to write to let you know how pleased we are with the Procedures that you performed for my husband. It has made all the difference in the world to us! 100% successful!!! He plan to come back for thickening in the spring. Thank you!

    M.G., Lengthening Surgery

  • Thank you Dr. Giunta for being kind and understanding to your patients. You stand out in the field of public service, believe me. I haven’t met too many doctors like you.

    Steve R., Phalloplasty Surgery

  • Dear Dr. Giunta, I just got married recently, and I think of you have contributed to my marriage. Thank you for everything. I feel that have changed my life for the better and forever I will be thankful. I have not seen any visible of fat loss which is great( I will call you if anything changes). If you ever in Chicago please let me know, I honored to take you out for lunch or dinner. Say hello to Carol and the staff, they are awesome.

    K.R, Phalloplasty Surgery