Alexandria Phalloplasty Pricing | Arlington Penis Enlargement Cost

Price List - Phalloplasty

Penis Enlargement Surgery Costs

All Penis Enlargement Surgery costs (Phalloplasty) include Anesthesia, Operating Room Fees and the Helping Hand Extender.

Penile Enhancement Procedures                                         Spring / Summer SpecialNormallyAverage Recovery Time
Penis Circumference (Girth or Thickening) Enlargement    
$4,000 $5,0001 day
Phalloplasty - Penis Laser Lengthening - MISL©                $4,500 $5,9501 week or less
Phalloplasty - Penis Thickening and Lengthening - MISL©  $5,149$6,450 to $6,9991 week or less
Phalloplasty - Revisions or Repairs Varies1 week or less
Second Stage Phalloplasty Fat Transfer $1,5001 day
Suprapubic Lipectomy or Liposuction (Performed in conjunction with Phalloplasty, if needed.) $500 - $1,5001 week or less
Testicular Implant(s) $3,500 (for 1);
$5,500 (x 2)
10-14 days
Helping Hand Extender (post-operative immobilizing device) if purchased separately $299
(plus S&H)
$150 with surgery

We offer a 50% discount on select cosmetic procedures to spouses or partners of phalloplasty patients. Some restrictions apply. Call Dr. Giunta at 703.845.7400 for further info. Ask about our “Be a Buddy” program.