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Free Fat Graft Penis Enlargement Surgery

This question was submitted by one of our patients during the pre-operative consultation and I thought it would be a great opportunity to re-address this for those of you who might have similar concerns regarding the Free Fat Graft penis enlargement surgery procedure.

Question: I have heard that Free Fat Grafts (FFG) don’t work, they disappear or leave lumps. Is this true?

Why I prefer the FFG Penis Enlargement Surgery

Despite what you might have heard or read about Free Fat Transfer (FFT) – it doesn’t work, it disappears, leaves “lumpy-looking,” distorted penises results – this simply isn’t true any more if FFT is done correctly.

To understand what has brought about this misinformation, we need to examine the beginning or early years of Penis Enlargement (P.E.). Knowledge was gained through our experience with transferring or grafting free fat from liposuction to other areas of the body (such as the face) that some of the fat graft, for various reasons, would disappear. To compensate for this loss, a little extra “over fill” was done. This usually worked well where a small amount of fat was used such as the cheek, lips, or deep facial wrinkles. For the best results, we found that repeating this method in a few months worked well.

The problem arose when a few high profile doctors, using this theory of “over fill” put excessive fat in the penis and the body could not develop a good blood supply to the grafted fat quickly enough. Some of the fat died and was absorbed into the body. Unfortunately, the fat was not evenly absorbed, and this resulted in lumpy, distorted penises.

These problems resulted from improperly done procedures by doctors who were usually not well trained or experienced in FFG. They of course blamed the procedure and not themselves. They abandoned FFG, while bad mouthing it and promoting other methods. These have proved to be much more prone to failing and leaving permanent complications. What they don’t tell you is that these problems with FFG are rare and EASILY fixed. Improperly performed lengthening procedures which did not apply good Plastic Surgery principles (such as Z plasties, Y-V plasties, U plasties etc.) left unsightly visible scars and created unacceptable results, thus causing Phalloplasty to be legitimately criticized by many unhappy patients.

Our MISL (TM) (Minimal Invasive Surgery with Laser) procedure allows for safety, less pain and quicker healing. It is done through a one-inch incision in the pubic hair leaving a virtually invisible scar. ( More about that next time.)

Several years ago at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International (APSI), I abandoned these techniques and quickly discovered that the best results in FFT could no longer include the practice of over filling the penis. I then fabricated surgical instruments to take the appropriate size pieces of fat and developed techniques for placing them properly in the penis in two stages at least three months apart. Along with adding a combination of special nutrients to prevent the fat from being absorbed and to promote increased blood supply to the graft, I found this to be the simplest and safest answer to the problem. At APSI I am continually working along these lines to keep improving results. I am happy to report that results are very good and getting better. The incidence of cyst, nodules or any other complications with this procedure is now very, very low and easily fixed.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
– Stephen X. Giunta, M.D., F.I.C.S.

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