Suprapubic Fat Removal

What Causes an Enlarged Suprapubic Fat Pad?

A smiling man and womanThe suprapubic fat pad, which is the pad of fatty tissue located directly above the penis in the pubic area, can become enlarged from aging and weight gain. Sometimes, surgical procedures such as abdominoplasty (which is also known as a tummy tuck or liposuction of the stomach) can also contribute to a fatty and soft appearance or loose and saggy skin around the pubic area if it is not reduced during the liposuction procedure.

All of these factors can contribute to the appearance of a smaller penis due to the bulge of fatty tissue concealing part of the penis shaft, making it appear shorter.

What Does Suprapubic Fat Removal Address?

Since the pubic area isn’t actually part of the penis or stomach, this area is frequently overlooked by other surgeons when performing penile lengthening or widening surgeries. Dr. Giunta’s suprapubic fat removal procedure addresses this problem by removing the excess fat in this area using liposuction, reducing the prominence of the pubic mound and exposing more of the penis length.

Benefits of Suprapubic Fat Removal

A suprapubic fat removal procedure exposes more penis length, which leads to:

  • Enhanced confidence
  • Better sexual performance
  • A more attractive appearance

Are You a Good Candidate for Suprapubic Fat Removal?

The best way to determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure is to meet with Dr. Giunta for a one-on-one consultation where he can discuss your concerns and goals for surgery and provide a physical exam. Good candidates for suprapubic fat removal are men who:

  • Have extra fat on their pubic mound as a result of aging or obesity
  • Are upset about the appearance of their penis (looking shorter due to excess pubic fat)
  • Want to feel more attractive and masculine

How the Suprapubic Fat Removal Procedure Works

A confident smiling manDr. Giunta performs the suprapubic fat removal surgery as an outpatient procedure with the patient under general anesthesia. Excess fat from the pubic area is removed through liposuction, using micro-cannulas (small, thin and hollow tubes) to suction out the fat through small incisions.

Recovery from Suprapubic Fat Removal

Recovering from the suprapubic fat removal procedure involves some swelling and bruising of the groin, which usually subsides after three to four weeks. Most patients can return to a non-physical job after a few days. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise as well as sexual intercourse and masturbation should be avoided for six weeks.

Thinking about Having Surgery?

If you have had, or are thinking about having, any form of surgery done (from liposuction to penis enlargement surgical procedures), ask Dr. Giunta about whether you should also consider having suprapubic fat removal done as well.

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