Helping Hand Penis Extender

Why is it so important to use the Helping Hand Extender?

“Helping Hand” Tension and Stretching Device

Proper use of the Helping Hand extender after the Penile Lengthening Surgery using (Minimally Invasive Surgery using Laser) MISL ™ Lengthening surgery is essential to the successful completion of the procedure to your satisfaction.

Using the extender helps to maintain the penis in the proper position allowing the fat grafts to heal without lumps or irregularities; and also prevents the penis from retracting to it’s original position before healing in the forward position takes place.

The “Helping Hand” Extender was designed to safely increase the tissue volume of the penile shaft by using the body’s own ability to generate new tissue. This growth occurs due to your tissues multiplying at a cellular level when subjected to a continuous force of traction.

Taking advantage of this inherent ability, when combined with the MISL ™ surgical procedure and encouraged by the Helping Hand device results in a substantial improvement in the penis’ ability to maintain the length gained, long term, when used correctly.

There are two types of Helping Hand Extenders

The Mini: For penises less than 4.33 inches (10 cms) length in erection.
The Regular: For penises more than 4.4. inches (10 cms) length in erection.

The helping hand extender is regularly $399.00 when purchased separately, but, for a limited time will be included with your phalloplasty surgery. Call Toll Free (in the US only) 855-868-5566 for your free phone consultation with Dr. Giunta or book your appointment today.