Penis Enlargement Surgery

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery (also known as Penile Augmentation Surgery)?

Penis enlargement surgery is the act of surgically altering the length or width of your penis. It is often seen as a cosmetic surgery procedure for men however there are many legitimate medical and emotional reasons that go beyond ego and wishing.

Understanding the deep psychological meaning of penis size cannot be over-emphasized. Size is often a perception problem and a distortion of this self image can lead to a lack of self confidence and social development problems (ex: participation in sports; military service; dating) and can even lead to clinical depression; sometimes, even death by suicide.

The penis is universally accepted as a symbol of male power, dominance and virility.

Penis enlargement can take the form of both thickening the circumference of the penis as well as lengthening it. Thickening is often undervalued by both men and women as societally, the focus has been on the length of a man’s penis, which is an important element but the girth should not be overlooked. The mockery of a woman holding up her pinky finger to illustrate a man’s penis size is not always restricted to the length.

Also, from a sexual perspective, a woman’s interior vaginal wall contains the sensitive tissues that bring her pleasure when it is stroked; however, if the penis is not thick enough, the stroking movement will never be able to generate enough friction to create as much pleasure as a penis that has been surgically thickened.

What procedure do you use when increasing penile girth?

The enlargement procedure is called Free Fat Transfer (or FFT). Cosmetic girth enlargement (or CPE), using FFG techniques  involves a simple transfer of liposuctioned fat cells to which are added special nutrients and adult stem cells, to increase the graft take. Dr. Giunta has invented special instruments so the most ideal fat is removed and are then inserted under the loose skin of the penile shaft. Your own fat cells are used for augmentation because they do not run any risk of rejection from the body.

Also, fat is an ideal graft material. It is

  • Non Angtigenic,
  • Non-Infective,
  • Well tolerated by the host body,
  • Abundant,
  • Easily harvested, and is
  • A renewable supply

When used in conjunction with Dr. Giunta’s Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) technique the result is a penis girth enlargement is a penis of the same shape and length, but greater in circumference and with a significantly improved percentage of patients who successfully retain the fat transfer. Because the penile shaft is narrower than the maximum diameter of the head, the doctor usually fills out the shafts slightly beyond the heads maximum diameter to maintain proper proportions.


FFT Girth Augmentation & MISL Lengthening (Phalloplasty Surgery) Procedures

Circumference can be increased by 50% or more; depending on the results desired by the patient. In each procedure, increases occur in both the flaccid (not aroused) and erect state although penile length gain in the flaccid state is generally greater and the success rate of a FFT Girth enlargement surgery in combination with the PRP technique is very high; approaching 96% and repeatable if so desired.

Past failures of fat transfer were largely due to inconsistent transfer standards, as well as methods of transferring the adipose tissue (fatty material) without causing damage to the cellular structure. With the development of better fat harvesting instruments, low pressure cleansing, additives, and consistent techniques, Free Fat Transfer has become, in many cases, the preferred method of choice for many cosmetic procedures.

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How do I know if I should get Cosmetic Penile Enlargement surgery?

Fat Free Transfer Cosmetic Penile Enlargement surgery is not necessary for everyone. A doctor has an obligation to interview you as a potential patient, just as much as you should interview the doctor. For example, a good question to ask your potential surgeon to find out if he’s just doing it for the money is “I have a penis and I want this done; am I a good candidate for this procedure?”.

Listen to the answer carefully. If the answer is caring and thoughtful, shows experience and feels right then you’ve probably found a good doctor.

Also, can you talk to the doctor directly before the procedure, or does he brush you off onto his staff?

When you ask to speak to Dr. Giunta, you will speak with Dr. Giunta, personally. Dr. Giunta’s support staff are caring, knowledgeable and always there for you but if you have a question that only Dr. Giunta can answer, feel free to contact us by calling Toll Free (within the US): 855-868-5566

Can I see pictures of procedures that Dr. Giunta has performed?

Absolutely! Just check out our Photo Gallery page and choose the category you’re most interested in.