Testicular Implants

Testicle Implants

The male testicle is psychologically just as important to a man as a woman’s breast is to her.

There are many reasons why a male may need to have a testicular implant surgery performed. From accidents to genetics, anything can be the reason an implant is required.

Testicular implants are used to replace missing or removed testicles, most frequently due to the loss of 1 or both testicles due to accident or a medical condition which results in the loss of, or uneven appearance of the testicle.

Shockingly, thousands of men lose their testicles each year. Some of the most common reasons are due to conditions resulting from defects or disorders resulting from:

  • cancer (prostate, testicular cancers)
  • trauma (injury from sports, accidents, etc.)
  • atrophy
  • torsion (twisted testicles)
  • agenesia/agenesis (failure of an organ to grow)
  • cryptorchidism (failure of the testicles to descend into the scrotum)
  • epididymitis/epididymo-orchitis (inflammation of the epididymis; epididymo-orchitis is inflammation of the epididymis and testes, often caused by bacterial infection due to catheters, or urinary infections) or mumps.
  • intersex disorders, and sex reversals (SRS—sexual reassignment surgery)
  • other conditions resulting from injury

This is a replacement for missing or undeveloped testicles, as in birth defects or lost through injury, or surgical removal.  Implants are also done for cosmetic purposes to increase the look of the testicles and scrotal sac.  They are non-functional of course.  One or both may be done.  I prefer the silicone implants because of their natural feel and appearance and life-long tolerance.  They come in various sizes.  Recovery is rapid with return to work in a day or two.  Final healing is in about four weeks.

Testicle implants can be done individually or both at the same time. For more information regarding testicle implants call Dr. Giunta, toll free (in the US only) at 855-868-5566 for your free phone consultation.